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Citation managers and generators

Citation managers and generators are tools that make it easier for you to work with bibliographic citations and create bibliographies. You will use them to generate and manage bibliographic citations. You do not have to create citations manually but- either by using forms or by downloading via an identifier - the application will create citations according to the style you have chosen.

Citation generators automatically generate citations from available information. In addition to generating citations, citation managers include other added features. The benefits of using them include clarity, easier error detection, easier citation checking, and easier use of appropriate sources in further research.

Although citation managers and generators are very useful helpers, their results should always be checked. Especially foreign applications do not have to perfectly process citations according to ČSN ISO 690.

Citation managers make it possible to:

  • Automatically generate citations according to different citation styles

  • Create bibliographic citations using a form or by downloading according to identifiers (e.g., ISBN, DOI)

  • Link citations to full texts (if they are available online or in digitized form) • Sort citations into folders and create their structured lists

  • Add your own notes

  • Easy import of citations from some databases, depending on the type of citation software and support of the selected database (linking with citation managers is supported, for instance, by the Web of Science, Scopus, EBSCO database, Proquest, etc. and digital libraries Springer, Willey, etc.)

  • Extraction of data for citation creation directly from the document in pdf format, sharing one’s own citation database with a selected community (especially in case of web applications)

  • Interaction with a text editor, which allows automatic creation of references directly in the writing process

An overview of recommended citation generators and managers

Citation PRO Plus

The Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University subscribes for its students and employees access to the premium version of the citation manager Citation PRO Plus. In addition to basic functions (generating citations according to ČSN ISO 690, storing and sorting citations into folders, importing citations from other systems and sharing citations with other users), it offers the following:

  • Automatic creation of citations according to identifiers (DOI and ISBN) • More than 8,000 citation styles,

  • Add-on for MS Word,

  • Add-on for Mozilla Firefox, Chrome browsers,

  • Document storage,

  • Possibility of sharing folders.


Zotero is robust open-source citation manager for creating citations in various citation styles and managing them.


Mendeley is a freely available citation manager, a social network for scientists, and a collaborative database of publications in one. It allows you to search, read, save, sort and cite scientific publications, including annotation to saving PDF files. The data you store in Mendeley are automatically synchronized to the cloud.

EndNote Basic

EndNote Basic is an online extension to the EndNote desktop program, which has been available for free since 2013. An enhanced version of EndNote Basic is available for Web of Science subscribers.

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