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Citation of Images, Graphs, and Tables

Images, graphs, and tables are subject to a copyright like any other source of information, so it is necessary for them or their sources to be properly cited. It is also necessary to state what type of source it is, such as an image, graph, or table. If an image, graph, or table is part of a book or another document, we will cite that document.

If you publish your own materials in your work, the situation is slightly different. If you are publishing your images, graphs or tables for the first time, it is not necessary to cite, but you will state in the description that you have taken the picture yourself (e.g. a photo of the author). For tables, it is not necessary to cite the author if it is the author of the work. In other cases, the table must be cited properly.

Tables and graphs should show whether they are compiled on the basis of one’s own data or whether data from another source have been used. In that case, it is necessary to state this fact (e.g. The table was compiled by the author according to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute data).

For clarity, it is appropriate to include a list of images, graphs, and tables at the end of the work.

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